Why Isn’t Bedside Manner Part of a Nursing Degree Curriculum?

One thing in school they don’t teach is how to speak and interact with your patients. Why is that? Is it something you acquire or is it something that you are just born with? I believe people come by bedside manner more naturally than others, but I do think that nursing schools need to incorporate some sort of element of this into its curriculum for the sake of our patients.

Schools may not be able to teach compassion because you simply cannot force someone to care about somebody or something if they truly do not want to but you can teach someone to be an effective listener and how to engage with a patient. More emphasis should be put on the things that can be taught as opposed to the things people do not naturally come by. Teach students how to be an effective listener, maintain good eye contact, body language and how a patient interprets it amongst a slue of other things that can be taught. Maybe you can’t teach how to feel empathy but you can educate what empathy is and why it’s important.

I do believe that someone needs to have key fundamental characteristics to positively interact and connect with their patients such as compassion, honesty and empathy. Even a person who possesses those abilities naturally can always expand on those things and become better.

Nursing has been claimed to be one of the most rigorous courses to study in college and for obvious reasons but it is also very rewarding and you get out of it what you put into it. And even if a course is not taught in school, take the initiative to become a better nurse by being the best you can be.

A final saying to always remember about your patient care: “treat your patients like they are your family member.”

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