What is Nurse E Notions?

The title itself is a play on words. As nurses, we have described things related to nursing as “nurse-y” type things; you know, the cartoon syringe, stethoscope or the heart rhythm intertwined with an RN or LPN. Add in some opinions, views and beliefs and you have nurse type notions. It also is a title for myself: Nurse E (my name is Emily) Notions; ie: my opinions and views on nursing.

So why did I create this website? For a while, I have been itching to find a different path of nursing that is not direct patient care but still makes me feel incredibly fulfilled. I figured too that I could take the three things I love doing: teaching, writing and nursing in order to reach many different people. I am hopeful that this site will allow me to express myself in a way that will be informative, inspirational and fulfilling to others.

This site will be dedicated towards different topics related to nursing and everything will be opinion based. This is also a reason why my readers feedback will always be welcomed! Help me understand why you agree or disagree and open up our minds to different perspectives. I only want respectful comments on this page, even if that means just agreeing to disagree.

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