Support Your Fellow Nurses

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We obviously know how difficult nursing can be. So who better to console you than a fellow nurse? There is nothing more comforting than being able to lean on another nurse’s shoulder when you are in a time of need. Especially when they know what you are going through. Sure, we can rant to our significant others, family and friends but do they truly understand? Do they actually know what it feels like to give 100% of yourself to everyone else but you? They may be able to lend their ear and give hypothetical advice but it’s just not the same.

When I was working in the skilled nursing facilities, I was often the nurse who trained the new nurses. Sometimes it would be experienced nurses who just needed help with an orientation to our workflow but then there were the other nurses who were freshly licensed. And as new nurses, we all had our moments of “I can’t do this” and the tears of helplessness that often escape because you are stretched too thin too quick. But those tears, those are the tears that will make you stronger and if you have a nurse you trust and are not afraid to be vulnerable in front of will give you the confidence that you need to succeed. You CAN do it and everyday it will come more naturally.

Along with being emotionally supportive to our fellow nurses, it’s also important to be supportive of the positive things they are doing as well. An LPN wants to go back to school to get her RN or an RN now wants to become a nurse practitioner? Congratulate them and offer your assistance; check in to see how their progress is and if they need help. The charge nurse is taking on a new role as supervisor? Offer your support with words of encouragement and tell them that you are proud they are moving up. There are so many ways that we can uplift each other as nurses and in a profession that can have a lot of drawbacks to it can also introduce us to an amazing network of people that only want us to be the best we can be.

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