Why I Decided to Get My Covid Vaccine

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We know there has been a lot of controversy over the Covid vaccine and people being apprehensive to get it. We all have our reasons why we do or do not want the vaccine but to each their own. I will never understand why people get so upset about others and their decisions… just do what is right for you. So with that being said, I am not preaching about why you should get it but rather to explain why I personally got it.

In the medical field, regardless of job title, we are face to face with Covid-19 and put at an increased risk so I felt it was necessary for myself to get it. No matter how much my job puts out workflows to weed out the virus from coming into the office, it still comes in. The virus does not always present as classically as cough, fever or shortness of breath; and that’s what is the scariest thing because we may not always immediately think it’s Covid. And you can justify almost every Covid symptom as something that’s not Covid – allergies, migraine, stomach bug, sinus infection… anything! So in order to aid in stopping this virus, I was willing to take the vaccine.

I also wanted to take it because I wanted to give my patients who are interested in getting it, to know what my experience of the vaccine was like coming from the perspective of a medical professional they trust. I wanted them to know that it’s okay for them to get it and that the benefits outweigh the risk. I wanted to be able to explain to them that a day or two of side effects is better than becoming severely ill or dying from Covid. I wanted to help in being an advocate for the vaccine versus the fear mongering that the media does. I wanted to have the ability to be honest with my patients because I care for their well being and wouldn’t advise something that I wouldn’t do myself. I simply just want the world back to normal and if providing my personal experience in regard to this vaccine will help someone make the decision to get it, then that is exactly what I’ll do.

As a nurse and as someone who people rely on for advice, I feel as though I received the vaccine not only for myself but for others as well. I truly hope that we can continue to administer vaccines so that everybody who wants to get their vaccine will be able to because I know I am not the only one who is ready to see our loved ones without the fear of getting them or yourself sick and not have to wear masks every where we go and be able to socialize with people like we, as humans are wired to do. But no matter matter your outlook is on the vaccine, I do know that this pandemic has overstayed its welcome and needs to become a thing of our past.

2 thoughts on “Why I Decided to Get My Covid Vaccine

  1. Thank you for your thoughts Emily! And, I agree that we need this covid thing gone! I was initially apprehensive but this year I did bite the bullet and actually got the flu shot to start on my journey. AND, my husband and I will be getting the covid vaccine once we are given the ok for our age group.


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