Why Every Job as a Nurse is Important

Photo by Diva Plavalaguna on Pexels.com

When you think about it, there are SO many different types of nursing routes out there. Educational, administrative, managerial, clinical… you name it! And yet all these nursing roles make a difference. We all play our part as nurses in the enormous world of healthcare in order to provide proper care to the people around us. For example, a person that was admitted to the hospital from the ER has seen the ER nurses, then the med-surg nurses and now needs to be transferred to home care services in which they will see an admitting nurse, multiple home care nurses for skilled services, maybe they have a wound and need a wound nurse. And in the background of those front facing nurses are the nurse supervisors to overlook the other nurses, director of nurses, nurses who help with billing and coding or the nurses for the insurance companies that require prior authorizations. Plus, all of these nurses had to be educated somehow so nursing instructors too play a vital role. So it’s important to understand that each nurse is a small piece in a large puzzle to create a beautiful picture. Missing pieces cause chaos, incompleteness and disruptions. Those things in a healthcare setting can have some serious consequences to them that affect staff and delivery of patient care. All together though, we can work cohesively as a team in order to provide care.

I remember when I started my first nursing job, I was so embarrassed to say it was at a nursing home. I felt like as a nurse, I should be working at a hospital even though I had no desire to work in the hospital. People would ask me, “why aren’t you working at the hospital? You can get great experience there.” Yes, I understood the opportunities of working at a hospital would come with some amazing benefits, but I simply did not like the hospital setting. The sounds and the smells of the hospital was just something I couldn’t imagine doing on a daily basis. And I’m sure that many people feel that way about nursing homes! But after working in the nursing home, then going into home care for a year and a half and back to a nursing home, I realized that I loved the nursing home setting… and somebody has to be the one to help these people.

I also realized too the importance of my job in the nursing home. At my first job, I started on the sub-acute floor and I was placed in many sink or swim situations without ANY support. I was a new nurse and I desperately needed a strong nursing management team behind me. So when the building did a massive nurse management overhaul, it came with a better management team that made me realize how incredibly important these other nurses were in my success as a nurse. I had people I could turn to and consult with who wanted to see me succeed and didn’t leave you hanging out to dry. The more support I felt from management, the better care I could give my residents. Between it all, it felt like we were all working together, despite our different roles as a nursing team to create great patient care.

So despite what your role is as a nurse your role is important, your skill is important and the most predominant thing is that YOU are important. Don’t feel the need to fall into an area of nursing that someone else thinks is really what nursing is. Other peoples opinions do not matter and their thoughts should not hinder you from doing what you like. As long as you are happy and feel fulfilled in what you are doing then keep on at it.

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