The Constant Struggle of Weight Loss

This is the beginning of a series of blogs that will discuss my weight loss journey. I am very sensitive on this subject but felt it was important to discuss my personal experience to help those that can relate.

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Battle of the bulge… something that many people are far too familiar with, myself included. My weight has been an issue ever since I was a kid. It was like as soon as I turned 7, everything went downhill… not the scale, that surely went up, but my body changed and not for the better. I remember being in fifth grade and weighing 180 pounds! I was the size of an overweight adult male at TEN YEARS OLD! And yet it didn’t stop there.

I went on Weight Watchers in 8th grade and the lowest I got to was 202 pounds. I remember the first week, I lost 5 pounds and my mom showed me a bag of sugar and said “this is how much weight you lost in one week! That’s amazing!” this motivated me but that motivation did not last long. I remember specifically I was so hungry one day and I had some Doritos and that’s all it took to revert me back to my old habits of overeating bad foods. From there, my weight waxed and waned. I would be motivated for about two weeks to lose weight and then something would change and I would just give up.

As an adult, the highest weight I reached was 308 pounds about two years ago!! I couldn’t even believe the number on the scale at that time. I didn’t feel that weight… or at least that’s what I thought but when I would see pictures of myself, especially candid ones, I was disgusted. I really did look like I was 308 pounds. My whole body just looked swollen. I think I was just lying to myself, trying to convince myself that it wasn’t really that bad. Looking back at my eating behaviors, it was no wonder I ballooned up to the weight of a baby elephant. I knew things had to change.

In February-March 2020, the midst of the Covid pandemic was making its waves and shutting everything down… including seeing patients in the doctors office I worked at. Let’s just say I spent A LOT of sitting on my behind talking on the phone, triaging suspected Covid patients, advising them what to do even though we had no idea how to answer their concerns. I knew that if I continued to have this sedentary job and not do anything about it, my weight was only going to get worse. I had to make some changes and I needed to make them quick.

I had a friend who was very successful with weight loss using phentermine. I wanted to try it but it was hard to find a doctor to prescribe it because it’s a controlled substance and regular primary care doctors won’t usually just prescribe it. However, I was very fortunate to find a close by nurse practitioner that specialized in medication assisted weight loss and she was doing telemedicine visits during Covid and she prescribed it for me. So on April 24th, I started my weight loss journey.

It wasn’t easy, it hasn’t been easy and it is still a struggle. However, from April 2020 to November 2020, I lost EIGHTY pounds! I will explain how I lost that weight in a different blog post but I wanted to give the background to my issues with weight as this is a battle that many people fight with. I also wanted to touch on this because as a medical professional, I knew that it was important for me to get myself healthy so I would be taken seriously when I would educate patients on diet changes and exercising in order to lower cholesterol or to prevent their A1C from rising into diabetic range naturally. I needed to most importantly do it for myself but also so I can offer help and advice to others who are struggling with the same thing.

Please follow along with the other blogs that are soon to come, that will discuss how I lost the weight, the importance of accountability, why taking progress pictures lead to increased motivation and the life changes I made that had the biggest impact.

(Continue to part 2 of the series here)

3 thoughts on “The Constant Struggle of Weight Loss

  1. Your blog is so inspirational. I can’t wait for your future blogs as the sedentary piece is really hitting home .


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